Family Purchase

You don’t have to order a book for each member of your family. 

You can order 1 book for yourself and family members can order their own. The book will ship directly to them. But you will be notified whenever your book is purchased. It works like this:

First, you have to order at least 1 book.

After receiving your book, fill the form below and submit it.

We will then set up a page for your book and send you the URL or link.

You will then give the link to anyone you want to buy your book. 

You will be notified by email whenever your book is sold.

But the book will be shipped directly to the buyer without your involvement. 

Click this sample URL/Link to see a sample book page:

NOTE: For confidentiality reasons, you will NOT get a response if email you enter does not match email you used for placing the order number.

Family Purchase Form